About Us

We are a family of mum and two (now grown up!) daughters. We’ve always enjoyed visiting new places over the years as a family and have had lovely day trips visiting towns that were new to us.

We’d arrive, walk around the middle popular bit, have something to eat, have a drink, have an ice cream and go home all having had a lovely day out.

However … we went home not knowing very much about the place we’d just visited – who were the people of the past? – what were the town stories? – what went on there? – who was misbehaving?!

We created our Quiz Trails to bring together everything you’d want from a visit … or to explore your home town in a fresh new way. An interesting route to see the best parts including some hidden alleyways and paths you might never have discovered – pointing out highlights of things you might have missed – plus a take-home souvenir to read more about the stories of the town at your leisure.

The quiz is fun for adults – we added questions for children as well to engage them in local history too. We love history but understand children aren’t always pleased at just walking around! We wanted our Quiz Trails to be enjoyed by adults with or without children ... and as a fun activity for ALL ages.

We’ve kept all our Quiz Trails to about 1.2 miles and about 1 to 2 hours (whilst also pointing out longer walks if you want more walk in your day) … because we all still want that special visiting time to enjoy something to eat and to have a drink and to have an ice cream!

We started our first trail in our local Rochester in 2019 and had some families test the trail for us – they all said they were shown things they’d never noticed in all the years they lived there!

We hope you enjoy completing our Quiz Trails as much as we enjoy creating them!

Enjoy great days out!

- Liz, Becky & Laura


We have recently been joined by a published author Petrina Brown! Petrina has ghost-written a number of books for others over many successful years and is now writing the history of Surrey Towns and Villages for Quiz Trails.

Petrina is discovering fascinating history!

“I’m learning so much,” says Petrina. “Who knew, for example, that John Logie Baird lived on Boxhill, one of his first broadcasts being transmitted from the top of the popular beauty spot to the Red Lion pub in Dorking High Street?!

Or that Dorking has caves?

Or that the founder of Wall’s sausages lived in Cheam and only decided to sell ice cream because sausages didn’t sell well in hot weather? Sausages became called bangers as during World War One there was a shortage of meat and so more water was added to the recipe. When cooking, this would cause them to burst their skins in a mini-explosion… hence they became known as bangers!”

We're working as a team to continue to create Quiz Trails in Kent, East Sussex and now Surrey!