Whitstable: Whitstable Castle

Whitstable Castle has an interesting history, including name changes – Tankerton Tower became Tankerton Castle which became Whitstable Castle. A notable owner was flamboyant MP Wynn Ellis who bought the property in 1836 as a home for his mistress … whilst his wife lived in London and Hatfield. He made his fortune in silk and was a supporter of local charities. You’ll see a row of houses just past the castle gatehouse, The Wynn Ellis Almshouses, built from his charitable trust.


More than just an activity, the Whitstable Quiz Trail & Town Souvenir is full of local facts and stories. All presented in short snippets giving you lots of highlights. Complete the trail in your own time at your own pace.

20 pages - takes 1 to 2 hours - all outside - all non-contact - low cost. Lots of local history as well - explore Whitstable in a new way!

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