Customer Feedback

"We all enjoyed this quiz very much, we had lots of fun at the seaside for the day and finished off with fish and chips. Could not have been better. Thank you to the whole team for such a great quiz really enjoyed it." - Chris

"It was a really good experience and we saw parts of Whitstable we never would have explored without the quiz trail. Looking forward to trying the other quizzes!" - Hannah

"Fantastic idea. We took our two boys, one is a toddler so split it over a couple of outings. The older boy, who is 8, kept asking when we could do the second half. A big hit all round! I've lived around Canterbury all my life and still discovered things I had never seen. Can't wait to do the Broadstairs one next." - Gareth

"Thoroughly great time, lots to learn in a small area." - Stewart

"Really informative and such an interesting read - have learnt so much from them and the quiz is great fun. Looking forward to reading the new ones I've got. Thank you for bringing local history back to life." - Jo
"We thoroughly enjoyed it! I did it with other adults and we had such a fun time! We even did the children's questions! Great well produced souvenir too, for £4 what a bargain!" - Sue
"We all loved it and it kept the kids interested and informed." - Katie
"We enjoyed it very much" - Jane
"We enjoyed this as something different to do with our children rather than just another walk through the woods!" - Lucy
“A great way to spend a few hours and have a few beers along the way ... thought it was a great idea!“ - Jill
“Really well written, great clues and a fantastic price!” - Amanda
"A great way to spend an afternoon. Great fun, kept two teenage boys busy for an hour or two. Really impressed with the quality of the booklet." - Jody
”We’ve lived here for many years and still learnt new things.” - Fran
”It was a fun, interesting and informative morning around the town.” - Richard
"Thank you so much for both the Whitstable and Canterbury Quiz Trails- they are excellent." - Simon
"Ours just arrived. I am super impressed. Loads of info in it. Can't wait to get down there and do it next weekend! Absolute bargain." - Samantha
"We had a very enjoyable afternoon completing the quiz." - Angela
"Brilliant fun! A great couple of hours in the sunshine!!" - Laura
"We loved it." - Debra
"Brilliant time spent with the family doing something different. Learning and seeing things we never knew existed." - Rebecca
"We all enjoyed it and learnt a lot about our closest city! Great fun and easy to do!" - James
"We enjoyed seeing things we’ve never noticed before!" - Alison
"Myself, my husband and our son loved it!" - Claire
"Loved it thanks." - Elmarie
"We loved it, thank you so much." - Abbie
"We thoroughly enjoyed it and will be recommending it to all our visitors once lockdown is over and things open up more. Our age range was 72, 45 and 16." - Natalie
"5* highly recommended" - Alex
"Just wanted to say we sooo enjoyed today walking the quiz trail around Whitstable with our grandson . We’ve lived there for 30+ years but still found out things we weren’t aware of." - Julie
"We did the Broadstairs one last week, really enjoyed it." - Billie-Jo
"We did the Rochester trail today - was great fun and very interesting. The kids loved it!" - Nicola
"Had a lovely day doing this with the grandchildren today. Just about the right amount of time and interest level. Highly recommended." - Dayle