Why the White Horse? Why 'Invicta'?

Back in time - between the 6th and 8th century the white horse was the symbol for the ‘Jutish Kingdom of Kent’. The legend of using the white horse symbol along with the wording ‘Invicta’ (meaning ‘unconquered’) goes way back.

Following the Battle of Hastings, Duke William of Normandy (William the Conquerer) and his men were ambushed in a forest on the Watling Road (the A2).

Kent peasants were refusing to acknowledge his rule and so a deal was struck - in return for them ceasing their protests and accepting his rule and authority, King William pardoned them for their protests and allowed them to use the emblem and motto of ‘unconquered’ - invicta.

This monument stands in St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Swanscombe.


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