Rochester: Eastgate House

Eastgate House … is a fabulous place to visit! Built for a one time Mayor of Medway in the 1590’s, it has since been a family home, a school house, a library and a museum. In the years of Charles Dickens living in this area it was a boarding school for young ladies. It became a temperance restaurant for a while in 1897 … no alcohol?! We’re not sure how long it lasted! The aim of the temperance movement was to make pure water widely available in hopes they could lure drinkers away from the hard stuff ...


More than just an activity, the Rochester Quiz Trail & Town Souvenir is full of local facts and stories. All presented in short snippets giving you lots of highlights. Complete the trail in your own time at your own pace.

20 pages - takes 1 to 2 hours - all outside - all non-contact - low cost. Lots of local history as well - explore Rochester in a new way!

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